★How to earn in the game

Easily earn in the game ♪

Also on smartphones play in Mac personal computer!
Easily earn in the game ♪
Enjoy online gaming, the earn site, we will introduce!
You enjoy the game,
Do you want to earn much much?
Is 10,000 yen?
Is 30,000 yen?
Do you want to earn more expensive?
Is several million yen?
Is several tens of million yen?
Is billion?

Earn site,
Called “VeraJohn”.

◆ will introduce the company to operate the VeraJohn here.
operating company of VeraJohn (stock listed company): Plain Support, Inc. (Dumarca Gaming Ltd.)
license of VeraJohn: Malta (British Commonwealth member countries)
Malta (British Commonwealth member countries)
Malta is a very popular state to the wealthy in leading financial nation in the world.
In addition, “license” of the Republic of Malta has been known by examination is tough.
Easily earn in the game ♪

Easily earn in the game ♪

And returned the story,

To earn in the game,
Fine, it is easy.

In, First,
We will discuss VeraJohn.

The VeraJohn, game but I have a more than 400,
If you are completely open,
You play to play absolutely free.
Even if the play bet, you play.

Either OK!
In your mood, select,
You play to play.

For example,
♪ Let’s practice the poker today
When I thought so,
Please select a free game.

Toka confidence came with the win at poker,
Enjoy online casino gaming, earn! When that … is,
Please select a play bet.

in this way,
In your mood,
In each case to decide,
You can play.

If you select a free game,
Of course, in a completely free,
You can enjoy playing a full-fledged casino games.

■ Join Free

VeraJohn is, download games you do not need. And, you can play on your phone or tablet right now.
Now registered as a member you can immediately start free play.
Absolutely, no cost.
↓↓ click ↓↓

Easily earn in the game ♪

I am a VeraJohn until now, enjoying, we have been earned.
If earns enjoying the game much every day 30,000 to 50,000, you can of good feeling life.

First let’s earned about 10,000 yen every day, enjoying the game.
This is fine, I think it can be.

Choose your favorite game in which more than 400,
First of all, to practice for free games,
Once you come grab the ropes,
It will play betting.

And earn 50,000 yen every day,
Annual income is I’m more than 10 million yen.

In the world, people who are living in the game
It’s really are a lot.
People who earns more than 10 billion yen in the game
Not numerous.

Earn in poker?
Earn at roulette?
Earn at blackjack?
Earn in the slot?
I’m good at your favorite game.

The earn in VeraJohn, make a payment to VeraJohn,
The realistic money as the original fund, and BET, we will earn.
This payment and is, something?
If it is, to play pachinko in pachinko parlors,
First use a realistic money, it will play buy a pachinko ball.
In VeraJohn, visa card, Neteller, from the eye bank, and payment.
Deposits and withdrawals commentary of VeraJohn here

Once you have money,
As the balance amount on the screen of your VeraJohn,
Deposit the amount of money will be displayed now.

For example,
In order to deposit $ 100 to VeraJohn,
If the $ 100 payment to use Neteller,
It is why is displayed as the balance amount of money $ 100 on the screen of your VeraJohn.
Deposits and withdrawals commentary of VeraJohn here

If you say a word,
Payment to VeraJohn is that safe and reliable.

Fraud is definitely, we can say to be close to zero.
It is a feeling of 99.99%.

Because, is VeraJohn enjoying a VIP around the world. And, it has won the “License”.

Come on, let’s you even started!
And, let’s earn!
And membership registration, is the start of play and deposit.
First of all, it is a membership registration.
Absolutely, no cost.
↓↓ click ↓↓

Easily earn in the game ♪

And membership registration, will continue to play for and payment.
Every day, Once your earn,
Let’s challenge to the progressive game!

This game is,
You get an expensive prize.

From here, you can win a big prize money of several billion yen, from a
few million yen.

However, it is suddenly, even playing a progressive game nonsense.

First of all, let’s be able to earn 10,000 yen every day.

Then, if Kasegere 2 to 30,000 yen every day in the game,
You may also want to challenge the progressive game.

When the progressive game is called why leave is such a big expensive prize,

VeraJohn is not the world expand, is the world of the players have to play betting every day.
And, VeraJohn is, because it does not store operations, expenses do not take to the extreme.
I only expenses, such as a slight labor costs and the computer system.

The VeraJohn of reduction rate is high, you can because these works.

When you return the story,

When the win in the game,
Their balance of VeraJohn is,
We will more and more.

This joy I would like you to taste you too!
Now is your turn to earn!

Won the money, you can withdraw from VeraJohn at any time.

You can withdraw at any time at your local ATM.
(Basically post office ATM)

To play to play the game in VeraJohn,
And membership registration.

Once you have membership registration,
Anytime, anywhere, on any personal computer,
You can play.
Even if a computer of a friend, you immediately can play.

You can centrally manage the funds management.

During Campaign! $ 30 gift ♪
With that said,
Now as soon as you member registration $ 30 or who can do ♪
$ 30 gift of procedure Click here for details

Register Now
Click ↓↓

Easily earn in the game ♪

VeraJohn Free membership registration (ID acquisition)

Member registration is easy.
It is complete a simple registration.
◆ member registration (ID acquisition) Video commentary

If can ID acquisition of VeraJohn,
VeraJohn is, smart phones and tablet, personal computer, etc.,
If Tsunagare to the web, you can basically play.

In the style of my life,
Also during the commute, you have to play with the same ID in the smartphone.
Even in the company of the rest will play with the same ID in the company of a personal computer.
At smartphone at a coffee shop, and play with the same ID.
After returning home, I have to play with the same ID on your desktop machine.
By playing with the same ID,
You can centralize funds.

In this manner, the VeraJohn that are open 24 hours a day
You can match your lifestyle.

Did you membership registration of VeraJohn?
If you can get the ID,
We will explain in roulette.
Easily earn in the game ♪

Roulette is rotated, it puts as the ball rotates in the opposite direction,
That the game is determined by the ball has stopped position, is easy-to-understand game.

Player (we) will continue to bet to predict the ball stops position.

Or to predict the ball stops on red, bet or stop to black.
Numbers bet even or odd number.
Bet what area.

There is such a variety of betting.
The result of the game, hits it
Basically, twice the wager, it becomes three times ….
(Highest will be 36-fold)

Do you bet $ 0.01?
But, I bet $ 0.01 even if won,
It is not very happy (laughs)

Do you try to bet $ 0.1 (laughs)
In general, it seems that many people are betting at around $ 10.

However, you can enjoy with your favorite amount.
By winning in the game,
We go more and more.

For here in the wager for a little win, and is on my experience, we analyze the results say if you bet at the MAX amount of game you choose is out.

VeraJohn is legally “license” acquisition, we have operated.
You are also playing with VeraJohn
It does not even anything illegal.

VeraJohn is not has operated in Japan.
And even if it receives a Japanese service of the VeraJohn the web (web),
There is nothing illegal.

Japanese in Las Vegas, but you have to play the casino from previous decades,
Japanese in Las Vegas is to play casino,
Caught illegal story is not until now.

It is the same thing as this.

Already, Japanese online casino player 100 million people break through! It is said that.

Online casino,
Beginning in England in 1996, Europe and Canada, than such as Australia
‘s The obvious play.

In Japan, such as pachinko and slot is a familiar play,
Europe, etc. are online casinos that familiar.

However, mostly in English, in Japan, it was absolutely there is a wall of Japanese, delay.

And, until now but is of Japanese support of online casino was not only a personal computer,
VeraJohn the first time, as Concerning Copyrights, it was carried out Japanese correspondence by the smartphone.

VeraJohn is compatible finely to the language of the country,
We have the world expand.
All over the world of online casino players in VeraJohn
To deposit the cash we are playing to play in VeraJohn.

Since the Japanese pachinko and slot is familiar,
And it describes compared,

By visiting the pachinko parlors, and then buy a pachinko ball.
In VeraJohn,
And credited to VeraJohn with a credit card.

It settled the case leaving the pachinko parlors.
In the case of VeraJohn,
Settlement does not. Accept the end of the game.
Constantly on the screen, it is a state that the balance is displayed.

If such as pachinko parlors,
There are opening time and closing time,
VeraJohn is open 24 hours a day.

Well, why,
The will you whether the service is attentive of VeraJohn?
It is to the world deployment I think it can be because they operate an online casino.

The world of the players have to play with payment to VeraJohn.
Among them, of course,
Also we have many people of VIP.

In the same way as we also members of the VIP, it credited the cash to VeraJohn are playing to play,
It is with us ordinary people, and this difference is the feeling of the amount of money,
In the amount of double-digit UP, I heard that bet Bashibashi.

From this reality,
VeraJohn is the service is good.
And, VeraJohn is,
I prize is out frequently.

One after another VeraJohn prize winner is after another!

Come on, you and the other,
Did you membership registration of VeraJohn?

Let’s get the ID and membership registration to VeraJohn.
Of course, it is free.

And membership registration,
It gets the ID of VeraJohn.
Click ↓ ↓

Easily earn in the game ♪

VeraJohn Free membership registration (ID acquisition)
Member registration is easy.
It is complete a simple registration.
◆ member registration (ID acquisition) Video commentary

◆member registration manual

Once the ID is able to get,
First, please play for free games.

you have to,
Please practice in the free games.
Such as the payout table, because the rules of the game have been written,
Well to every nook and corner, please read.

It is essential to ensure to learn the rules of the game.

After, I will bet in the MAX amount of money. And, it is that a habit to read the flow, foster.
In addition, Nebare if, it is often earn.

Neba’ you there are many also pulled out the big bucks.

Today, we should draw?
Let’s put a habit to nurture this feeling.
I thing you feel the flow of the game.

Most of it is, I think that there is no stickiness.

In addition, in the VeraJohn,
Also are a lot of expensive prize winner.

For the first time, not go for the expensive,
Let’s to earn 10,000 yen every day.

I, but I will play the video slot,
This is good from becoming accustomed.
You too, please earns enjoy the game!

Now, still,
If you have not registered as a member in VeraJohn is
Let’s ID acquisition.
No cost at all.
VeraJohn Free membership registration (ID acquisition)

Easily earn in the game ♪

◆ VeraJohn game video commentary

◆ about the game of VeraJohn

1. Jackpot game

Jackpot game has more than 20 kinds.

2. slot

Slot There are more than 20 kinds.

3. Video slot

Video slots, there are more than 130.

4. Live Casino

Live Casino is located six or more.

5. Table game

Table games, there are more than 40 kinds.

6. Video Poker

Video poker is, there more than 10 kinds.

7. Instant game

Instant game (scratch game) is located more than 20 kinds.
And membership registration of VeraJohn
If you do the ID acquisition has implemented the
Let’s get in here.

VeraJohn Free membership registration (ID acquisition)

Easily earn in the game ♪

Free member registration is here.

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Easily earn in the game ♪



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